graphical web browser

a few things I need help with:

1)proxy server for graphics conversion
2)debug the preshift shape code
3)html engine
4)toolbox for drop down menus, text boxes, buttons, etc

what I have working:
1)programs running in different banks, so we have enough ram
2)multiple web pages open at once
3)preliminary HTML parser
4)SLOW proportional font display (see #2 in need help)
5)it connects to the internet and downloads pages

help debug this please?
please help debug this..
I need a fast proportional font display routine for the graphical
web browser.

the DSK image compressed with RAR

the PDF scan of BYTE

using applewin debugger, rowtbll / h are @#$%ed up in listing 3 either it's loading from the wrong place, or the table generator program is incorrectly entered

Soon to come: all source, DSK image of what works so far, description of source, memory map, etc. I'll also clean up this page some.

I'm going through my old code trying to figure out what I was doing: startup procedure: 1)clear prodos bitmap (free up all ram) 2)load auxstuff $9c00(this is main program loop that ties everything together, talks to uIP) 3)load MLI interceptor at 9f00 (split.prodos) 4)patch the MLI at BF00 to point to 9f00 5)load parser at 7000 6)load font displayer at 6000 (prop.fonts) 7)load font at $6800(font.micro) 8)load switching code at a200 (splitfromweb) 9)load the aux RAM loader at $300 (loada2web) 10)copy the entire RAM map to AUX we need #2,3,4,8 to exist in the same spots in aux and main so we can JMP back and forth between the two by hitting the switches. the rest doesn't have to be copied to aux ram, but right now it does. 11)switch to aux RAM via A200 At this point, we're in AUX RAM. the MLI is patched so we can make prodos MLI calls from AUX. we can switch between aux and MAIN RAM via splitfromweb. the parser, font display, font are in MAIN RAM. 12)the PC contains the address of #9, the aux RAM loader 13)aux RAM loader does this: load a2web. This is uIP, obtained from Glenn Jones. I don't know anything of the internals, it is a cc65 program created by Glenn. It talks to uther. See auxstuff to know entry points, etc. this is using the patched MLI. now AUX contains uIP. All internet protocols are in AUX ONLY. the web browser is in MAIN. 14)JMP 800. this is the beginning of a2web this is where I'm getting a BRK.... something in the READ interceptor code isn't working properly and it's only moving part of a2web into AUX 15)a2web connects to the internet and downloads stuff for you. 16)auxstuff talks to a2web, sends it URL's, etc aux stuff has a "JMP 'table" MOVEDATA JMP MOVEBUFFER PRINTMESS JMP PRINTMESSAGE GETURLC JMP GETURL HTMLDISPC JMP HTMLDISP DRAWSCREEN JMP DRAWSCREEN INITMOVEC JMP INITMOVE These are called by a2web. movebuffer - moves downloaded data from aux to MAIN for parsing/display printmessage - shows you the messages that uIP/a2web returns geturlC - is supposed to be waiting for a URL to be typed in, and RETURN to be pressed. when a URL has been entered, URLREADY = 1. it is hardcoded right now to have a URL ready, HTMLDISP - run the parser, show the html I didn't get into the internals of a2web, but that's all the information you need from it (above) prop.fonts is slow. it uses font.micro from beaglebrothers font mechanic disk I think. It shifts the font "on the fly" using ROL instructions. I'd like to get the "preshift" code working above. it uses tables to speed things up.

above is the FIRST page ever downloaded and displayed on screen!

UPDATE: Blurry programmed an image conversion server!

I would like to find a Java programmer that will take a few minutes to modify the source code to output variable sized graphics.. IE: SOURCE = "asdf.jpg" OUTPUT = "100X100 BW" and have the code output a 100X100 black and white bitmap.

Here is the sample image he converted: and the HGR conversion (as viewed in CiderPress):

HTML viewer for the apple II

Play it online

email me if you want the source code